Road Rage GT28RS/2871R - KO-Racing

      Road Rage GT28RS/2871R - KO-Racing

      Road Rage GT28RS/2871R

      Utilizing the widely popular GT28RS dual ball bearing turbo, this kit has been made available for the 3SGTE with KO Racing quality! Available for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation 3SGTE Engines. This turbo has quick spool, and can support near to 350rwhp with other supporting modifications.

      The kit indcludes a KO Racing CNC machined adapter to mate the turbo to the stock exhaust manifold, a genuine Garrett GT28RS turbo with a .86 or .64 A/R turbine housing and a fully polished compressor housing, a 3" downpipe fully coated in a 2000 degree ceramic thermal barrier coating (black in color), and all necessary fasteners, gaskets and hoses required for installation.

      This kit is engaged in ongoing development, and as such, components of the kit may change from those depicted above.

      The exit of the compressor may not line up perfectly with the inlet of the hot-pipe, possibly requiring removal of the factory bracket holding the hot-pipe to the cylinder head.

      *Note: If installing this kit on a Gen 1 engine, it will be necessary to purchase and install a Gen 2 3SGTE exhaust manifold ($180).

      *Note: Use of heat wrap on this or any ceramic coated part will void any warranty. Heat wrap causes an over-insulation on the outside of the pipe trapping too much heat in the metal itself making it brittle. Heat wrap also tends to trap moisture against the parts which can also lead to uneven heat distribution in the piece and lead to cracking. DO NOT USE HEAT WRAP WITH THIS PRODUCT.

      ~ $2000