Power FC


      Unit Information
      # What does the unit do?
      # What cars is the PowerFC supported on?
      # What cars is the PowerFC not supported on?
      # What does the unit look like?
      # What are all the menus and functions on the unit??
      # Is there a menu roadmap?
      # Does the unit work on my N/A car?
      # Does the unit work on manual and auto cars?
      # How much does the unit cost?
      # When I buy the PowerFC what comes in the box?
      # Why would I want to buy a PowerFC?

      Model Information
      # What model do I need? (Version Matrix)
      # What is an "AP Engineering model" and do I need it?
      # What is the "D-Jetro" model and do I need it?
      # What is the "Power FC Pro" model and do I need it?
      # What other optional parts are available for the PowerFC?
      # Is the PowerFC Pro Discontinued?
      # Hybrid Apexi PowerFC models and mix n match models, can it be done?
      # Apexi LJetro Vs Apexi Djetro - Whats the deal??
      # Apexi PowerFC Djetro PRO - Does it exist???
      # Why buy a PowerFC? Aren't they discontinued????
      # What's the Apexi D1 Limited Edition Hand Controller?
      # Is there an English manual? a PDF copy? English translation?
      # I have the older PowerFC that did not come with a hand controller can I buy a new hand controller separate and use that?

      Considerations before use
      # Does the PowerFC run the whole car or do I need controllers for... (Aircon, Lights, ABS etc...)
      # Does the PowerFC have limits?
      # What are the basic mods I should have when I get my PowerFC
      # Are there any cool tricks with the PowerFC? Free mods etc?
      # How does the PowerFC compare with the Apexi SAFC, AVCR and other Apexi computers?
      # Apexi SAFC vs Apexi PowerFC, whats the difference?
      # How does the AVC-R compare to the PowerFC boost controller kit?

      # How do I install the PowerFC?
      # Basic Hand Controller functions and use
      # Help! My car doesn't start once I've installed the PowerFC
      # Once the PowerFC is installed can I expect any better performance or does it HAVE to be tuned?
      # Can I drive around without it being tuned for a few days? Months? ?
      # Help! My car doesn't idle once I've installed the PowerFC

      Basic Operation
      # Basic Hand Controller functions and use - Monitoring
      # Basic Hand Controller functions and use - Checking Functions
      # Basic Hand Controller functions and use - Checking Sensors

      Advanced Operation
      # Are there any hidden/secret features? Stuff you can't access by the Hand Controller
      # Does the PowerFC have any laptop hook up options or software
      # What does the PowerFC support in terms of modifications?
      # What do I need to do when changing my Airflow Meter
      # How do I configure larger injectors?
      # How do I setup a larger scale map sensor?
      # PowerFC Pro - Launch Control

      Advanced Operation - Optional Kits for the PowerFC
      # How do I hook up the optional Boost Controller kit?
      # How do I configure the optional Boost Controller Kit?
      # How do I hook up the D-Jetro Map Sensor Harness Kit?
      # Replacement or upgradable Map Sensors for the Boost Control Kit / Djetro Kit?

      Tuning Information
      # Where can I get my PowerFC tuned and how much will it cost me?
      # Can I tune the car myself?
      # What is Map Tracer? Is it useful?
      # My fuel economy is terrible and I just had a complete tune, Whats wrong?
      # Self Tuning - Ignition Timing
      # What are the percentages for my airflow voltages for?
      # Is there a way or guesstimation to calculate AFR's based on the INJ values?
      # I always have knocking, is it true, is it lies or is something wrong?
      # How do I debug knocking, how can I make it go away?

      Technical Issues
      # What do the strange sensor names mean?
      # Why does my engine light flash when I drive with the PowerFC
      # My idle is really crappy and it hunts around a lot when on idle. What can I do
      # I am seeing on my Map Tracer that I am reaching load point 19-20 on full throttle. I am maxing out the PowerFC! What can I do
      # When I turn my car off I loose any changes on the PowerFC! Help!!
      # When I turn my car on I get a clicking relay noise and the hand controller dies
      # My car won't start when I plug in the PowerFC, but the stock ecu works fine
      # My Skyline R32 GTR has a wierd misfire problem, what's wrong?
      # I have fried my PowerFC. Is it fixable?
      # My Hand Controller freezes at the Apexi Logo. Why???

      Unsupported Features
      # Airtemp sensor on unsupported car?
      # Boost display without the Boost Control Kit?
      # What does the PowerFC look like inside?
      # Can you reflash the PowerFC with new code and/or different versions of the Apexi code?
      # Are there any cool custom hacks, hand controller holders, DIY rewiring you can do?
      # Is there a replacement hand controller screen?
      # Can I use 95ron octane fuel (non premium)?
      # Poor mans antilag??
      # Boot up diagnostic??
      # Can I have a lumpy 'cammed' idle?
      # Ford Falcon XF Throttle body with the PowerFC
      # Piggybacking the PowerFC with another ECU
      # I want to go EPROM/Firmware hacking, Tell me how
      # Replacement Air Temp sensor?

      Datalogit System
      # What is Datalogit?
      # What does Datalogit do, is there a feature list?
      # What does the box look like and what's inside it?
      # Do you really need to have it or is the Hand Controller OK?
      # Where did you get it from and can I buy one? What is support like?
      # Datalogit Yahoogroups!

      External Resources
      # Car Forums - New Celica - Advanced Datalogit Tuning
      # Car Forums - RX7Club.com
      # Car Forums - Evolutionm.net
      # Apexi PowerFC Wikipedia
      # Datalogit Yahoogroups!

      # Autospeed review of the Apexi PowerFC
      # A Note about the PowerFC FAQ
      # A Note from the author
      # Apexi Officially Bankrupt
      # Change Log